September 28, 2007

Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner Updated

This time last year, my first cookbook, Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner, hit the virtual shelves. I usually write about backing up your computer, preventing spam, and similarly techie topics, but since I love to cook, I thought it would be neat to apply the Take Control format to a food-related subject. The book takes you step-by-step through every detail of preparing a complete, traditional North American Thanksgiving dinner from scratch, even if your cooking experience is limited. Readers told me they found it exceptionally helpful. For that matter, so did I—I followed my own book when I cooked my own Thanksgiving dinner, and it made the process a lot smoother.

Now Take Control Books has released version 1.1, freshly updated for 2007. I’ve improved the recipe for candied sweet potatoes considerably, added a few helpful tips and notes, corrected some minor errors, and clarified some items readers had questions about. Everyone who bought version 1.0 can download the new version for free. The price to buy it new is $10 for a downloadable PDF; a printed version will be available Real Soon Now.

Thanksgiving comes much earlier in Canada than in the United States—it’s just over a week away. I want to assure Canadian readers that I’ve included metric equivalents for all the measurements, and all the food has been tested and approved by a real live Canuck (my wife, Morgen).

Click on over to Take Control Books now to buy a copy or download a free 33-page sample.

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    The critical ingredient for any Thanksgiving spent with one’s extended family is here:

    Put a refreshing adult beverage in my hand and ask me about familial Thanksgivings some day.