August 31, 2007

The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

Your mother probably told you not to play with your food. But did she tell you not to play your food? As Morgen described on Interesting Thing of the Day, the members of the Vienna Vegetable Orchestra do just that. The morning of each performance, they go shopping at a local produce market and pick out the specimens they think will make the best sounds. Then they set to work creating the instruments for that night’s show—mostly percussion instruments, but also flutes made of carrots, horns made from bell peppers, and all sorts of other weird concoctions. And these guys can really get a groove on (as the video demonstrates). After the show, they serve vegetable soup to the audience—though not, thankfully, made from the actual instruments that were just played! Way cool.

5 Responses to “The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra”

  1. roxanne lee said:

    superb !!!

  2. roxanne lee said:

    may I make a disc of it to shre with friends?

  3. roxanne lee said:

    I ment share with friends

  4. Joe Kissell said:

    Roxanne: Glad you liked it. We don’t own the rights to the music/video, so you’ll have to track down the owners to see if it’s OK with them for you to make a disc.

  5. Argel Coolman said:

    Those instruments taste and smell good too, yeah, I’m sure!