November 16, 2006

The Food Loop Lace

Food Loop LaceBack in September I wrote about the Food Loop, a handy silicone thingy you can use to tie your turkey drumsticks together before roasting (among many other uses). But I noted that you’d still have to close up the cavity that holds the stuffing somehow—a rather tedious job that usually involves a lacing kit.

Turns out the good folks who make the Food Loop were already working on that problem. Their latest offering is the Food Loop Lace, a strand of tough, heat-resistant silicone that features a large metal needle on one end. Use this to sew up your turkey and you can dispense with string and pins altogether. It’s also washable and reusable.

Sur La Table carries them for $10, but their Web site shows them out of stock until December 19—much too late for Thanksgiving and even iffy for Christmas. However, they’re in stock at, though you’ll have to pay $17.

3 Responses to “The Food Loop Lace”

  1. Renee said:

    Just wanted to let you and maybe readers know that you can buy the food loop lace at for $9.99 plus shipping. It’s the cheapest place i’ve found so far.

  2. Joe Kissell said:

    Renee: Thanks for the tip!


  3. Rachel said: is offering these at $9.95. Got a lot of cooks in our family and these are going to be a great stocking stuffer :)