October 20, 2006

Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner in Print!

I’m delighted to announce that you can now purchase a lovely printed version of Take Control of Thanksgiving Dinner. Thanks to our friends at Qoop, we’re now offering the print-on-demand edition—7 x 9 inches, with a Wire-O binding to lie flat on your kitchen counter and a laminated, color cover. The pages inside can be printed in either black and white ($19.99) or color (for $35.99). (Those who have already purchased the ebook can get a $10 discount on the printed version by clicking the “Check for Updates” button on the first page of the PDF.) Purchasers of the printed version also get access to the downloadable “Print Me” file with all the recipes and schedules, in case you want to write on them, tape them up around your kitchen, or whatever.

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